Thursday, May 26, 2011

World War II Memories.

Hello all!  Today was so much fun.  We went to go see St. Mere Eglise where a paratrooper became stranded on a steeple.  Professor Cobb found the most wonderful military store.  I bought a French helmet, a German belt buckle, and a military amunition flap.  After we left there we visited where our friend Mr. Clint Riddle landed in the invasion of World War II.  Mr. Riddle was a paraglider that landed and helped to liberate France.  To see where Mr. Riddle landed put his stories of war into perspective.  I wish Mr. Riddle could have been with us!  We also saw where over 150,000 paratroopers dropped in various fields.  We went to Brittany and visited the cemetary and honored our fallen soldiers.  I thought that after experiencing a few cemetaries it would get easier.  I was completely wrong.  It seems like it is getting harder and more emotional.  I am having so much fun and making new friends.  I don't want to come home, but in the same instance I do.  Maybe I could just get my family over here and we could all live here in France or Germany.  Anyways, until tomorrow C'est Le Vie!!!


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