Friday, May 27, 2011

Final goodby from France

Oh what a trip this has been!! There are literally no words to describe it. Awesome, amazing, fantastic, magnificent, stupendous...none of them even come close. More like, heaven on earth.

Yesterday my favorite thing we went to see yesterday was Mont St. Michel. It was beautiful. Darcie and I raced to the top so we got to do the tour of the abbey. Wow. It was incredible. The arcitechture was beautiful! I took so many picutres on the roof and the beams. Amazing.

Today we took things a little slower by putting up flags at the Normandy cemetery, seeing the Bayeux tap., and resting on Omaha Beach. We headed back to the hotel in Hermanville and had a quick dinner. Racheal and I then strolled back to the hotel befors starting to pack.

I finished packing a short time ago and decided to post one last blog. I am set and ready to go in just a few more hours when we pack up the van and leave for the Paris airport. Sad times are here. The trip is coming to an end. Our group is still holding out that the trip is not over until we land in Knoxville.
As Darcie said, all good things must come to an end......


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