Friday, May 27, 2011

The End????

Rachael Rudnitzki here...and it is a bittersweet feeling to know that in 3 hours I will be in the van traveling towards the end. This amazing trip is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. It blows my mind to recollect all of the sites and places we have been. While spending only a few days in each location I feel that even though we only got a slight taste of the countries, we really did experience vast cultures and our eyes were opened to how the world works outside of our homeland. Most of the members of our group are already well traveled; however, this journey of 20 days across many countries cannot even begin to compare to our past travels. As for the historical aspects of our ventures, reading a textbook or watching a presentation on the past does not even come close to standing among the ruins of a once thriving area, or walking in the sand on the shores of Omaha beach. With all of this in mind, I cannot even begin on the amazing people we have met...a lady who witnessed the capture of the massacred African American soldiers, WWII veterans, other citizens honoring their fallen heros (such as the Canadian school group). I cannot express my thanks enough to Roane State Community College for the amazing opportunity they have granted us, and I am forever grateful. Another thanks is of course due to Professor Cobb for planning such an ambitious tour, not to mention putting up with all of us for 20 days!! I'm hopefully packed, and can't wait to get back to my Tennessee mountains, but this European Tour with my classmates of Roane State is something I will cherish forever, and I am saddened to realize it is over. Hopefully I can upload a few final photos, but if technology prevents this I will definitely post them as soon as I return home. Love to all of my family and friends, and thank you again to all of you that have dutifully followed our blog of our travels!!

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