Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh the places we go.....

Hey everyone. First of all I'd like to apologize for the lack of pictures considering the internet connection here in our hotel is slow. As soon as we can we will upload all that we can. As for our final days on our European tour, we are exhausted but still having an amazing time.  We have seen so many amazing sights I feel as if my mind may explode from all the details!  Now that we are in Normandy the historical sites are pretty close together and the reality of D-Day is astounding.  Seeing these beautiful landscapes that were once filled with death and destruction is a sobering experience, not one easily forgotten.  Pointe du Hoc, the beautiful memorials, the cemetaries, all amazing sites that very few Americans actually get to see and I am so thankful to have shared these ventures with my trip mates.  We may be nearing the end of our journey, tired and sometimes grumpy, but some of the best is yet to come considering we still have Omaha beach, Utah beach, and Mont St. Michel to visit!!! Pictures soon I promise!  Love to all my family and friends =) Au Revoir!!!

--Rachael Rudnitzki

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