Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So the time we've spent in Normandy has been incredible. The first night I ate an entire plate of sea snails with half a crab to boot. It was actually quite tasty, but would have been better warm. We were touched at a Canadian Cemetary, I shed more than a few tears. The personal tombstones told stories that no book could ever compare to: one such grave had the name of a fallen hero with his age, 18, and the simple inscription: "Here lies my only son, gone but not forgotten". Another, the name, and age, 19, with another inscription, "You will be eternally missed. Your loving wife and daughter, never met." The American cemeteries are much less personal and I feel this is a flaw. We visited a Nazi graveyard, kept up by Americans because the Germans refuse to have anything to do with Nazis. At first I was offended, but when we got to the cemetary it was more of the same, young men fighting their hearts out for their country. I despise their beliefs, but respect their dedication. We visited the inexplicable Pointe du Hoc where the bomb holes and rubble of wrecked buildings still stand to tell the story that words can't. We have done so many amazing things in such a short amount of time that the short paragraphs we are given to explain them seem like a drop in an ocean. Thanks to all for reading, I'll have pictures when I get home. The internet is far too slow here and our time far too precious to waste on these things at the moment. Tons of souveniers for loved ones today. Dueces Mooses.

-Brett Peery

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