Thursday, May 26, 2011

Le Mont Saint Michel... Wow!

So my favorite part of the day today was definitely Mont Saint Michel! It was amazing! It was exactly like I pictured a little medieval town would look like, secure, safe, small streets, a bunch of stairs, and an bunch of bricks! It was an extremely cool and windy day, I'd say the coldest day since we've been here, but I would not give up the opportunity to see this place, rain or shine. It was built on a rocky hill and has only one little street winding up to the top where there is an abbey, which still has monks and nuns. The winding street surrounded by little shops, which must have been houses back then, is one way you can get to the abbey at the top. Another way to get to the top would be to climb the winding stairs. The stairs up and down aren't directly straight up, they're winding in and out of houses, a church, and little shops. Walking up the little street gave me an amazing idea and picture of what a medieval town looked like, it was like a movie setting! I never thought I'd be able to actually walk thru a town like the one at Mont Saint Michel, thanks again Profe! ~*~ Rubianna

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